Easson - Linear Scale
Easson - Linear Scale Linear Scale Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Singapore, Seri Kembangan Service, Repair | The Great Services
  • Measuring length£º50mm〜1000mm / 50mm
  • Accuracy£º±10µm/m
  • Uni-directional repeatability£º0.002mm
  • Bi-directional repeatability£º0.005mm
  • Meterial£ºGlass
  • Grating period£º20µm
  • Expansion coefficient£º8ppm / ¡æ
  • Traversing speed£º60m / min
  • Slide Carrier System£ºVertical five bearings supporting system
  • Output signals£ºTTL / EIA-422-A£¨RS-422£©
  • Signals period£º20 μm
  • Electrical connection£º3m£¨STD£©£¬other£¨OPT£©
  • Power supply£ºDC 5V±5£¥
  • Operating temperature£º0〜50¡æ
  • Reference mark£ºOne reference mark at mid point
  • Protection£ºDIN 40050 IP53

Measuring Range GS10 Linear Encoder/0.005mm
TTL RS-422
50mm GS10T005 GS10D005
100m GS10T010 GS10D010
150mm GS10T015 GS10D015
200mm GS10T020 GS10D020
250mm GS10T025 GS10D025
300mm GS10T030 GS10D030
350mm GS10T035 GS10D035
400mm GS10T040 GS10D040
450mm GS10T045 GS10D045
500mm GS10T050 GS10D050
550mm GS10T055 GS10D055
600mm GS10T060 GS10D060
650mm GS10T065 GS10D065
700mm GS10T070 GS10D070
750mm GS10T075 GS10D075
800mm GS10T080 GS10D080
850mm GS10T085 GS10D085
900mm GS10T090 GS10D090
950mm GS10T095 GS10D095
1000mm GS10T100 GS10D100
Reading Head GS10T GS10D


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