L Series 2D Vision Measurement Machine
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L-series vision measurement machine has a user-friendly operation interface and powerful software. The instrument installed with a high quality camera and high precision optical lens, in addition the high precision working table and optical scales, can ensure a precision and clear image for measuring and inspection. The magnification can be 30x- 200x, together with the powerful software, measuring efficiency will be much higher than a profile projector. The high quality camera ensures a clearing image for different color and different material work piece, so you can get an outstanding outcome even in the curve and tiny work piece measuring.


Model L-2010 L-3020 L-4030 L-5040
X,Y,Z travel (mm) 200x100x150 300x200x200 400x300x200 500x400x200
Overall dimensions (cm) 135x72x155 135x72x160 135x72x160 150x92x160cm
Machine weight 150 kgs 200 kgs 290 kgs 400 kgs
Repeatability 2 µm
Max table load 20 kgs
Operation mode Manual
Resolution 0.5µm scale
X,Y measurement precision (3+ L/200) µm
Light source system Software controlled 8 zone surface light and straight contour light
Structure Granite base and mast
Lens High precision Tele-centric manual lens
Magnification Optical enlarging rate 0.7-4.5x, image enlarging rate 30-200x
Vision system 1/3” SONY sensor CCD

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